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Would you like to buy a restaurant? Are you ready to purchase your first home? Count on Michael R. Ek, Ltd. for real estate law assistance. Attorney Ek has been representing clients in Schaumburg, IL for decades. He relies on more than 30 years of experience to oversee your real estate transactions.

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Michael R. Ek, Ltd. is the real estate attorney to call for help with:

  • Buying or selling property

  • Preparing closing documents

  • Drafting contracts pertaining to land development

Attorney Ek takes the time to ensure your real estate transaction goes off without a hitch. Don't let real estate law confuse you. Though real estate investments often require large financial commitments, you can work with an experienced real estate attorney to help the process move smoothly. Michael Ek has the knowledge and experience you need to buy and sell property with peace of mind. Working with Michael means your transaction will take place in an orderly fashion, and he can help you avoid unnecessary obstacles often confronted by individuals in the real estate field.

Whether you are a veteran of buying and selling real estate property or this is your first real estate transaction, it is in your best interest to consult with a skilled, knowledgeable real estate attorney when negotiating and closing your deal. Michael Ek will guide you through the process with the insight he has gained over the course of more than three decades working in real estate law.

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