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Probate Law

Make Sure You're Following Your Loved One's Wishes Correctly

Hire a Seasoned Probate Attorney in Schaumburg, IL

You were recently named the executor of your relative's estate. Now what? Michael R. Ek, Ltd. is the legal professional to call for help with probate. Attorney Ek has been providing first-rate legal services to residents of the Schaumburg, IL area for decades. He'll make sure you know what to expect during the probate process and answer all of your questions.

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Put a Caring Probate Attorney to Work for You

Probating a will can be confusing. That's where Michael R. Ek, Ltd. comes in. Attorney Ek will ensure you know what to expect in and out of court. He can oversee the probate process, as well as represent you in probate court if there is a dispute.

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