Don't Risk Making Mistakes
Which May Only Appear Years Later
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When making a plan you have many options, and I will guide you through them to help you determine which is best.


With a more than 32 years of experience in real estate law and estate planning, I will help you understand the process before moving forward.


Your situation is unique, and I will craft strategies and prepare documents to include all of your needs and goals.

Real Estate Law & Estate Planning Attorney Serving Schaumburg, Illinois

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About Me

Attorney at law

I grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Chicago. My father was a Teamster and my mother was an office clerk. But, one neighbor happened to be an attorney. He helped out many people with minor legal problems. Often, these neighbors’ fears were greater than the problem and in solving the problem the attorney also provided peace of mind. When I started college, I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer and represent individuals and families in the same manner. I understand that facing a legal problem can be intimidating. So, it is very important that I establish an attorney-client relationship which allows you to feel comfortable and able to openly discuss your situation, even if it includes difficult events. I value your time and respect your situation and experiences. Whatever your needs may be, it’s my goal to find a solution, and discuss it with you and without the legalese.


Clarity is more important than flowery. When you talk with me, you get the facts without the puffed up legal jargon.

Michael R. Ek LTD

Close Your Deal With Confidence

Buying or selling a home is the most significant transaction which anyone will probably undertake. Real estate is not only necessary for a family’s life, but it is also an investment in your future. You need the counsel of an attorney experienced in real estate transactions to make sure you are doing everything in their proper order.

An attorney will advise of the steps required for buying or selling a property and carryout each task efficiently and effectively. This is vital to carry out your duties under the contract, protect your rights, and avoid delays or errors which may affect your mortgage loan approval.

If you are selling or buying property for your own home, for your business, or as an investment, I can help you through the transaction from contract negotiations through the closing of the sale, and keep you well informed along the way.

Drafting a map for the future

Real estate contracts are often long and full of tedious legal jargon. Just because the contract is a “standard form” does not mean you can sign it without any concern. Before you put your signature on anything you should know what it says. You could read it, but every contract is written based on legal definitions and interpretations which are not included. That is why I offer consultation to my clients who are pursuing real estate investments.

Investing in real estate, be it your first personal home or another income producing commercial property, is an exciting but intricate process. An experienced attorney will handle each aspect in a time and money saving manner

As an estate planning attorney, I've helped individuals and families establish a variety of trusts, and wills. There are many options when you are putting the future on paper that I will help you understand.

If you are making a plan for the future, buying or selling real estate, or going through the probate process, you need a trusted lawyer at your side. If you are searching for an experienced attorney in the Schaumburg, IL area, give me a call and tell me about your case.